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Cuts & Shapes - our product line

EM-x4-97-rgb-klThere are many different kinds of emerald available and it is just about impossible to cover all of them. We focus on Colombian emeralds from 1 to 20 carats. Of course the most classic shape is still the emerald cut, but we also cut ovals, pear shapes, cushions and rounds. Besides single stones, thanks to our extensive inventory, we are able to supply perfectly matched pairs. Combinations of a single stone with a matching pair – so-called trilogies – are much in demand among our customers.

Additionally we carry a vast selection of emerald cabochons in single pieces as well as pairs.

Occasionally we are able to set up layouts for bracelets or necklaces.

We cover the full range of qualities, from commercial to exceptional.

Feel free to browse some pictures of faceted stones, pairs, cabochons and sets.


Regardless of the many different existing shapes, the traditional emerald cut or octagon cut is still the most desired shape for an emerald. So the majority of our stones are emerald cuts, which makes them the perfect ring stone.

Ovals and cushion shapes are kept in our inventory as well. For those looking for a pendant, we suggest a pear or heart shape.

The processing of our stones is excellent thanks to our unique polishing disc. We start from sizes around one carat, and there is no upper limit.

EM-2724 - 13,02ct
EM-2718 - 21,00ct
EM-2677 - 5,78ct
EM-1081 - 5,72ct
EM-0094 - EC - 2,10ct
EM-2798 - 9,28ct - F4


Of all the precious stones, emeralds are the most difficult to match up. Colombian emeralds alone feature hundreds of different colour shades.

Each one is unique, like a fingerprint. There is no perfect match, but the Colombians speak of so-called ‘hermanos’ – brothers, i. e. similar-looking stones. We have perfected the art of pairing emeralds like this. The bigger the inventory, the better the chance of finding the right ‘brother’.

Muzo is known for its yellowish green, Coscuez has brighter and lighter colours, whilst Chivor produces a bluish tint. Besides the colour, the clarity has to match as well. Emeralds are famous for their inclusions. 

EM-108 - 4,18ct
EM-0001 - pair
EM-1779 - pair
EM-0005 - pair


Cutting from the rough stone means diversification. Not every rough stone is suitable for cutting. But that certainly doesn’t mean that low-quality rough stones always become cabochons.

Sometimes the crystal is unfavourable or too much weight would simply be lost if it were cut into a faceted stone.

Those looking for cabochons will find a fine selection of single stones and matched pairs in our stock.

EM-58 - 5,65ct - cabochon - oval
EM-55 - 8,18ct - cabochon - round
EM-55 - 6,20ct - cabochon
EM-29 - 9,60ct - cabochon - triangle
5,12ct - cabochon - square
5590 - Cabochon
EM-612 - 4,82ct - cabochon - triangle - pair
EM-57 - 12,74ct - cabochon-oval - pair


Thanks to our huge inventory we are able to put together beautiful layouts in nearly all shapes. Unlike our bracelets, which are uniform in size, our necklaces feature emeralds that gradually increase in size, which gives them a more elegant look.

EM- ec - set - 16,56ct
Emerald-006 - set - pear shape
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